Welcome to PH Custom Lures

As a tournament competitor Phil knows the
importance of having quality baits that he can
rely on at the most critical times.  That's why
each bait is handmade and custom at PH
custom lures.  Phil has a desire to continue to
create and perfect his baits with a drive that is
customer focused.  

Since introducing his baits in 2006 Phil has
grabbed the attention of professional and avid
fisherman alike.  These baits have taken
several wins and top 20 finishes on the
Elite-Series and have also become a
household name amongst FLW pros.  Phil's
desire remains the same to continue to create
The Perfect Lure for any Condition.
PH Custom Lures I 765-541-0726                                                                                                                                                                                      phil@phcustomlures.com
Premium Handcrafted Balsa Baits
American Legacy Fishing
the PH Balsa Baits. Check
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Products Featured in BassMaster 2013 and 2014
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Congratulations to Kelly Hook
on his Hoosier Open Win
August 2013 with the Lil-Hunter!
9th place finish at
Table Rock on the
Elite Series.  Bill was
catching his fish on a
Skinny P a new flat
sided crank bait in
craw color from PH
Custom Lures!
Tackle Wharehouse
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PH Custom Lures in stock